Solar Doesn’t Have To Mean ‘Sun’ Anymore

Solar energy, renewable energy, clean energy, alternative energy, green energy – until recently it’s all meant one thing… the sun, but thermodynamics has changed that! Did you know, that currently the top-ranking country for solar energy production is Germany, reportedly producing 38,250 megawatts of its energy from renewable sources? Germany isn’t known for being the … Read more

Is Nuclear Energy Needed to Fight Climate Change? How Much Better Is Renewable Energy Than Coal?

The reason that economic arguments tend to trump (pardon the pun) environmental arguments when finding solutions to anthropogenic climate change, is because the senate is majority climate denying Republicans, who are more likely to respond to economic arguments. You could simply say, “renewable energy is better than fossil fuels, because renewable energy is better for … Read more

How A Successful Tourism Industry Led to Globalization

Most of us have heard the word “globalization” widely used in a variety of contexts over the past few years. But what is the actual definition of this commonly used term? Merriam-Webster defines globalization as, “The act or process of globalizing: the state of being globalized; especially: the development of an increasingly integrated global economy … Read more

Science and Climate Change and Why It Should Not Be Ignored

The most prominent debate at this time is climate change and the manner in which it is downplayed and twisted into unsubstantiated tales. Governments are the worst offenders when it comes to twisting facts into policies. It stands to reason that those who favour their elected representatives are, therefore, more trusting of them than they … Read more

Why Money Is Failing

Anything invented by man has a short life before it fades away, and money is no exception. Invented for trade and then the wealth of those who made it their god they become so attached that it occupies their mind constantly. That means they have no room for listening to the Spirit voice within them, … Read more